Sewer Repair & Sewer Line Replacement Plumber

sewer repair and sewer line replacement plumber

The technicians at Michael J. Messick Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning are experts on sewer main problems. We can address and solve any of your sewer system issues with a 24-hour response time. The better approach, however, is to try to prevent the problems from escalating into emergencies.

Sewer Line Inspection

Do you hear a gurgling noise coming from your drain? Or maybe there is a foul order? These may be signs you have a serious problem with your sewer system.

To prevent an emergency developing with your sewer system, we suggest scheduling a routine sewer line inspection. A video sewer inspection done with a special sewer camera allows us to see what is going on inside your waste-out line. Identifying and treating problems early can save you the mess and expense that can result from a sewer line break or other sewer system emergency.

Sewer Main Problems Questions and Answers

1. What are some of the common causes of sewer main problems?  Sewer main problems can be caused by blockages; tree roots; collapsed, broken, cracked or misaligned pipes; leaking; or bellies in the sewer line.

Blocked Residential Sewers
Clogs or blockages are among the most common causes of sewer main problems. Sewer line clogs or blockages in your home can be caused by a combination of toilet tissue, soap scum, and grease collecting in and coating the pipes. Clogs can also be caused by the improper disposal of other household items such as cleaning wipes, diapers, hygiene products, napkins, etc. that should be disposed of in the trash.

Blocked Commercial Sewers
In commercial properties, the high volume of traffic and high occupancy rate can contribute to blockage problems if the sewer lines are not maintained regularly.

2. Can the trees on my property damage my sewer system?  Absolutely! Sewer lines generally lie just beneath the surface of your lawn. As the trees on your property grow and mature, their roots can penetrate your sewer pipes. A video inspection can determine if tree roots are the cause of your sewer system problems. Fixing the problem would require cutting away the penetrating tree roots and repairing or replacing the sewer pipes.

3. What does it mean to have a belly in the sewer line?  A belly in the sewer line is a sag or low section in the pipe where waste can collect. This condition can be caused by environmental factors – unstable ground, erosion, foundation settlement – or by improper installation. Not all sags or bellies cause immediate problems for your sewer system, but you should know that the issue could worsen over time, at which point it would require repair. Generally, there are two ways to approach the repair of a sewer line belly – site excavation pipe replacement or trenchless sewer pipe repair. A qualified plumbing contractor can assess the condition and advise you on the best option for your situation.

At the earliest sign that you may have a sewer system issue, call Messick Plumbing. Our professional plumbing contractors are qualified in the detection, repair, and replacement of sewer systems for residential and commercial properties. We offer sewer repair and replacement services you can depend on.

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