Hydro Jetter Technology

August 6, 2023

Why should I use a Hydro Jetter to clean my pipes?

Clogged pipes are any homeowner’s worst nightmare, causing daily irritation at their best and severe water and structural damage to your home at their worst. When you find yourself with a blockage in your pipe – whether it’s in your sink or your sewer, whether it’s just beginning to form or is causing a complete obstruction – a tool called a hydro jetter can break it up with ease.

Also called a Sewer Jetter or a Trailer Jetter, a Hydro Jetter is a machine that uses a high-pressure stream of water to cut through almost anything in your pipes and wash it away, flushing out blockages in a matter of seconds. Regardless of a blockage’s size or location, a Hydro Jetter can get rid of it quickly and cleanly.

Benefits of hydro jetting your pipes

Hydro Jetters utilize water by creating a stream that’s so powerful it can break up anything in its way, making it the ideal tool for clearing out essentially anything that may cause obstructions in your pipes; everything from daily buildup in your sink or shower pipes to invasive tree roots in your sewer pipes can be broken up and washed out. Since jetters use only the power of water to clear your pipes, they don’t need chemicals to break anything down, making it an environmentally friendly plumbing option. They’re also popular because of their non-invasive nature – it eliminates the need for messy, invasive blockage removal methods.

Maintaining the health of your pipes

Hydro jetting your pipes is a great way to ensure the long-term health of your plumbing system. Using a hydro jet on your pipes every year or two helps prevent any large blockages from forming. While jetting requires a professional and may be pricier than a good old-fashioned drain snaking, it’s the most effective tool for both short-term solutions and the long-term health of your pipes. So whether your blockage is big or small, a hydro jetter can solve it for you.