Drain Cleaning Services

At the first sign of a slow draining sink, bathtub, shower or clogged toilet, call Messick Plumbing and inquire about our drain cleaning services. We have the solutions for removing buildup from your waste pipes. If we find that tree roots have penetrated your pipes, we will remove them and repair or replace the damaged pipes to resolve your drainage issues.

Slow drains throughout your house? This is more than just an inconvenience; it could lead to serious health and plumbing issues if not addressed.

Slow draining sinks and tubs and clogged toilets are signs that your pipes are blocked. A buildup of common debris – hair, soap and ironically even dirt – can occur over time, blocking the flow of wastewater through your pipes. If left unattended, this blockage can lead to more serious issues including pipe corrosion, flooding and, potentially, sewage backup.

shower drain with metal grate being held open by a hand; the grate is clogged with hair and debris - draining cleaning

Potential Health Issues from Clogged Drains

Dirty, stagnant water that results from clogged drains provides an environment for bacteria to thrive. Bacteria can exacerbate existing health issues or promote the development of new chronic health problems for your family.

Structural Pipe Damage

As water accumulates, pressure builds up. This excess pressure can weaken your pipes causing leaks, cracks or, in extreme cases, bursting, all of which can result in flooding. Even small leaks can lead to costly water damage.

Common signs that you have a blockage problem include limited or no drainage, lingering odors, and puddles of water. This last sign is an indication that your pipes have already started to leak and could break or burst if the problem is ignored.

What Some Of Our Customers Say...

Common Q&As About Drain Clogs

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What causes my bathroom drains to clog?

Hair is a very common cause of bathroom drain clogs. You can slow down the accumulation of hair by using a screen over the drain to catch as much of the hair as possible. Another culprit is soap. Many soaps include grease and fat among their ingredients and over time, this can build up in your pipes. Dirt is another surprising contributor to clogged drains. The dirt you remove when you shower, wash your hands or your clothes goes down the drain and accumulates in your pipes. You can cut down on this accumulation by shaking off excess dirt before washing.

Should I use a chemical drain cleaner?

Commercial drain cleaners, even those claiming to be safe for pipes, can contain harsh chemicals that can in fact weaken your pipes. Over time, weakened pipes can leak, crack, or burst resulting in costly water damage to your home.

Do I need to call a plumber to clear a stopped drain?

Because a stopped drain is an indication of a bigger plumbing issue, it is recommended that you call a plumber for a professional drain cleaning. Clearing the stopped drain with a drain cleaner or homemade solution will only provide temporary relief. A professional plumber will diagnose the problem, assess the damage, and provide a more permanent solution.

At the earliest sign of a backup or clog, call Messick Plumbing.